The Oregon specific, court-tested Oregon Rental Housing Association forms are one of the best weapons you can keep in your arsenal. They clearly spell out the tenants rights and responsibilities and your terms and conditions during a tenancy.

The charts below are some recommendations for the forms you’ll want to have on hand for new tenants, current tenants, problem tenants, and leaving tenants.

For a New Tenancy

Form Number

Form Name



Application Screening Guidelines

Helps you decide who you’re going to rent to by having consistent requirements.


Rental Application - NEW 2016

Gets all of the information about a potential tenant that you’ll need to make a good decision.


Application Verification

Use this form for recording your verification process. You must keep records.


Application Denial

If you decide not to rent to someone, this is how you tell them.


Deposit to Hold - NEW 2016

If, for whatever reason, you are not yet ready to sign the lease and the tenant wants you to hold the property you use this.

2A, 2B

Rental Agreements - NEW 2016

Signing the month to month or fixed term Lease Agreement makes you a landlord and your approved applicant the tenant.

11, 51, 54, 9

Smoke Alarm & CO Alarm Acceptance, Lead-based Paint Disclosure & Mold Prevention Agreement, Check In/ Check Out Condition Report

These are addendum's to your rental agreement and should be signed with every tenant.


Deposit Refund

If you are taking a Security Deposit, here are the conditions for the refund.


Pet Agreement

Get that pet info in writing.


Smoke/Vape Free Agreement - NEW 2016

No smoking policy addendum.


Reasonable Accommodation Request

If your tenant asks you to have an assistance animal or make changes to your property or your policy due to a disability, this form needs to be processed.


Assistance Animal Agreement

Remember: An assistance animal is not a pet and must be treated differently.

32, 33, 47, 52, 58

Addendum, Rules & Regulations, Parking Agreement, Co-Signer Agreement, Foreclosure/ Default Disclosure

Some other specialty addendum's you might use under special circumstances.

Used During the Tenancy

Form Number

Form Name 



Notice of Rent Increase - NEW 2016                                                                    

Must be done in writing.


Rent Payment Notice

A reminder the rent is due.


Resident’s 30 Day Notice to Landlord

A form your tenant can use when they decide to move.


Confirmation of 30 Day Notice

Your written acknowledgment of the tenant’s 30 day notice.


Maintenance Request

A form for your tenant to make requests.


24-Hour Notice to Enter

Written notice to the tenant you will be entering the property.


Emergency Entry

Let your tenant know you were in/on the property for an emergency.


Emergency Locations

A list of the utility shut off locations and other important information.


Personal Property Notice

A warning about leaving personal property unsecured in common areas.


One-Time Late Payment

Use if your tenant is going to pay the rent late.


One-Time Partial Payment

Use when the tenant is breaking the rent into 2 or more payments.


Guest Registration

Keep track of guests.


Someone Was In/Is In

Door hanger card for notifying absent tenant that someone was in or is in their unit.


Annual Recycling Notice

Informs tenants about recycling options.


Temporary Occupant - NEW 2016

Sign if your tenant wants a long-term guest.

Warnings & Termination Notices

Form Number

Form Name


34, 35

Parking Violation, Warning Ntc/Non-Compliance Fees - NEW 2016                                 

Notice of a parking violation and warning for other prohibited behavior.


30/60/90 Day Notice of Termination - NEW 2016

A “no-cause” notice the tenancy is being terminated. NOTE: long-term tenants (over 1 year) must be given 60 days notice.


Notice of Termination With Cause - NEW 2016

A generic “with cause” 30-day notice. Others are faster, but they require specific situations.


Repeat Violation Notice Termination Notice

Use when violations are repeated.


Pet Violation Notice

Use for un-allowed pets.


72-Hour Notice

Strong warning when the rent is late. Can lead to eviction process.


Notice for Harm or Substantial Damage

Use when the behavior is especially bad.

After the Tenancy Ends

Form Number

Form Name



Deposit Accounting - NEW 2016                                                       

The “whys” and “how much” when you are not returning all of the security deposit.


Abandoned Property

Notification, if the tenant left belongings behind.

49, 50

Accounting Letter, Promissory/Installment Note

Tools for helping to collect what you are owed when a tenant leaves.

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