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Questions & Answers about COROA Membership

Owning and Managing Rental Property

Managing rental property deserves serious attention and responsible thought. Your expertise and dedication to being professional can either make or lose you money.

Have you ever suffered from delinquent rents or no rents at all, damaged property or a disastrous eviction?

While COROA can't promise that you'll have problem free rentals, we can teach you skills and information to help you be a successful rental owner or manager.

Have you ever felt legislation could better support the Rental Housing Industry?

One owner alone has virtually no power, but many of us working together can and do make a real difference. COROA provides the chance for unity and power by partnering with Oregon Rental Housing Association (ORHA).

Not a Joiner? Don't have time?

Even if you never attend a meeting or seminar, you'll benefit from monthly newsletters, legal and easy to use rental forms, and your dues will help support our lobbyist in Salem.

Are you a Real Estate Licensee? Do you need continuing education classes?

COROA offers continuing education certificates for Real Estate Licensees. (subject to your principal broker's approval)

How many units must you own?

Our average member owns one or two rentals. COROA is YOUR opportunity to learn valuable information to make the most of your investment. We're committed to education and professionalism.

Never had a serious problem?

A bad tenant can cost an average of four months rent to cover the damages. An eviction can cost you at least $200--just in court costs--and lost rents and damages only add to that bill! A Fair Housing violation can easily be $10,000 and you must prove that you didn't violate the law.

Why not try a one year membership?

You will have the chance to become familiar with COROA, use current and legal forms, and learn ways to effectively manage your rental property.

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